Walker backs end to gun waiting period

As shocking as it is…

Now HERE is something that I can appreciate Gov. Walker for!  All law-abiding citizens should be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights!  And, they will also be held accountable as well, just like any other law on the books.  ~ nanarhonda ~ copyright 2015


Walker backs end to gun waiting period

Published 38 minutes ago

Gov. Scott Walker has thrown his support to a bill that would eliminate Wisconsin’s 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases.

Walker said he wants the state to be a leader on the issue. The Wisconsin State Journal reported Tuesday that Walker’s remarks came in an interview last week with the National Rifle Association’s news network.

A bill before legislators would eliminate Wisconsin’s 40-year-old law that requires the wait between the time a background check is submitted to the Department of Justice and a handgun is acquired.



CPoW calls for Constitutional Carry on school grounds and anywhere else

This is 100% correct! We, the People, have the 2nd Amendment Right, as law-abiding citizens, to obtain a concealed carry certificate and should be able to carry anywhere. This would certainly protect those that don’t have one and someone comes in to kill them! It has happened!
Thank you to CPoW for sharing this!  nanarhonda.com