The Innocent Unborn Once Again Pay the Ultimate Price So Republicans Can Have it Both Ways

Chairman Reince Preibus lives within my area. If I could sit down with him, I would, but I cannot unless he were to come to me. I would welcome the opportunity to talk with him and explain to him why I will no longer vote GOP. It it astounding that I have FINALLY received a response from Congressman Paul Ryan yesterday. I will not vote GOP with the exception of my State Rep. and my sheriff. Other than that, I will vote The Constitution Party, period.

Constitution Party of Wisconsin

In an article penned by Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus titled “We march because every life is a gift” and dated on the anniversary of the ungodly, immoral Roe v. Wade, he writes in part, This year, the theme of the march is “Every life is a gift”.  I couldn’t agree more with that statement.   We must do everything we can to protect life and defend the rights of those who can’t yet defend themselves.

Everything you can, Chairman Priebus? 

Oh, if only that were true of your party, Mr. Chairman.

Sadly for the unborn innocents, everyone reading this press release knows the Republican Party leadership would shed the pro-life issue if they could. Attending the March for Life rally is an annual requirement for the GOP.  Their leaders feel they must “keep up appearances” to keep the pro-life wing of the party voting Republican.   These cynical…

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