This company (if you want to call it that) has only its own best interests in mind.  Naturally, most companies do.  They are in the business of making money.

HOWEVER, when you return an item (an electric guitar) with their OWN TAGS STILL ON IT, and all they give you is 1/2 of what you paid for it, and they will turn around and hang it right back up where it was in the first place and sell it to another person for $49.95, this smacks of a lack of integrity.  The man I spoke to said, “It has to go to the tech guy, he has to restring it, and then determine its value.”  I told him that he “is full of crap.  The guitar doesn’t need to go to a tech to be restrung, it wasn’t USED!  YOUR TAGS ARE STILL ON IT!  You will hang it right back up and sell it to someone else for the same price.  So why not give my husband back the full amount that he paid?”  “Our return policy is 7 days.”  Oh, and they charge a RESTOCKING FEE!  ROFLOL  To hang a guitar back on the rack!  What a freaking joke!

Exceptions can and are made all the time to policies.  In this case, there could have been made an exception with the guitar as it was clear that it had not been used.  Sure, the rest of the stuff, dock the price, but the guitar, they screwed my husband over on.  (Technically, I screwed him over as I had wanted it and he bought it for me as a birthday present, however, with the swelling in my hands, I cannot play it.  I’ll stick to the keyboard.)

(The tiny amp & the cable my husband probably had to pay HIM to take.)

I kept the book as I can sell it myself.  But how do you ship a guitar if you sell it on eBay?!  LOL


~ nanarhonda
Copyright 2015

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