Who Should Americans Fear Most?

This man knows his stuff. He’s been around the block a few times and he knows all about the propaganda and the media and the governments partnership. Think about it. It is repeated by every news person in the same day. He is 100% right!! Thank you, lobotero, for sharing this with us!  
nanarhonda ~ copyright 2015

In Saner Thought

The government and the media is traveling a road hand in hand……almost daily we are told of some situation that can fan the fires of fear.  The obvious is ISIS….but there have been many many others like Ebola, vaccinations, lone wolves, illegal immigrants and the beat goes on…….never fear……. (no pun intended)…….. there will be others depending on the news that is chosen to be reported.

My question is, since we will be sacred into submission, who should we fear the most?

Should we fear ISIS?  How about Russia?  Maybe it should be the “Lone Wolf”?  Let’s look beyond the obvious news and think of others……should it be immigrants?  How about the president? It is maybe same sex marriage…….. No, no, wait…..maybe it should be the government?  We Americans are told to fear a lot……and we do.

The answer to the question is simple…..they will fear whatever their news source…

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