VIDEO: What ISIS Was Up To While We Weren’t Watching

Either we fight them there or we fight them here, but we WILL fight them. Thanks to Rat Nation for putting out another great post!


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: What ISIS Was Up To While We Weren’t Watching

  1. I agree with you. Now that POTUS is back, everyone has to shut their pie holes. He is a Muslim and has aligned himself and this country with the Muslim Brotherhood. If he goes on a rampage, then he is a traitor to his brotherhood. That is why the pin strikes. This is also why he wants the other countries to do the dirty work and we may do some air strikes but the other countries have to form a coalition to go after ISIS. He will NOT put boots on the ground, and he will not bomb the hell out of them. I don’t care what he says because he lies through his own teeth, reading from teleprompter to teleprompter or from written words on the podium. He cannot speak for himself, ever. He fumbles every time. When they say he’s the worst president since WWII, that’s the truth. And when they say he has spent more money than all presidents combined its because its the truth. His ratings are so low that he basically has a no confidence vote from the public, but he doesn’t care because he has a little more than 2 years to mess us our country and he’s outta here!

    Thanks for stopping by Beverly! So glad to see you here! Thank you so much! Hope you are able to read through all of the posts!


  2. I heard Dempsey is toning down his rhetoric about Isis…..looks like he caved to the admin and their insistence that Isis is really not that big a threat to us….


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